Outsource Maintenance of Your Company in India

Once your company is established, your company needs a sound financial advisor so you can focus on areas critical to the success of your business. Outsource is the One word solution to systematically run non-core activities like accounting, payroll and statutory compliances.

Outsourcing your non-core activities to LedgerPro shall enable your company to stay compliant on these functions and also streamline your core activities.

Along with cost reduction, our clients also benefit from higher efficiency and professional advice as LedgerPro has consistently delivered results. Over the years we have gained in-depth experience, extensive expertise and have delivered measurable improvements across all industry sectors.

We offer full spectrum of services for maintenance of your company as follows:

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Accounting is the most fundamental function required to smooth operation of any business. Many companies are now finding multitude of advantages in outsourcing their accounting and book-keeping function. Our team of experienced accountants are well-versed in local accounting software – Tally and also international platforms like QuickBooks

 If you are a small subsidiary of a foreign company, we can also become your Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) while you can continue to focus on your business. As your business grows, you can then your own CFO while we continue to handle all your processes and be your consultants. In this manner we support your business right from start through all the growth phases.

Payroll Processing

Maintaining a good staff is the cornerstone of any business. Employees want timely and accurate salary payments and employers want an efficient and accurate payroll service. LedgerPro assists you with in this area.

Our team can take care of compliance of the labour laws involved, calculating the tax deductions and social security obligations. LedgerPro makes sure that your company is fully compliant with the local laws and alleviates your burden.

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

GST is recent indirect tax introduced in India which has subsumed most of the prevalent indirect taxes in itself. Whether your company is supplier of goods or services, you are bound to get your company registered under GST. Any non-compliance of GST laws results in immediate Notices and penalties being triggered. More importantly faulty compliance also leads to impact on relations with the company’s vendors and stakeholders.

Our team at LedgerPro takes care of the monthly GST computations and monthly, quarterly and annual filing of GST Returns. Ensuring smooth GST compliance in the company, reporting of mismatches in the GST compliance with your vendors, our team of experts is capable of managing the GST function in an efficient manner.

TDS and withholding Taxes

Deducting / withholding taxes is a mandatory requirement at the time of making various payments and incurring expenses like salary, commission, rent, professional fees, etc. Indian Income tax laws are very stringent in this regard and also provide for prosecution in case of non-payment of these taxes to the government.

In case of overseas payments, extra caution is advised to see if withholding provisions are triggered. Also each transaction is also looked from the view of the Tax Avoidance Treaty (DTAA) of India with that country.